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A romantic escapade
A romantic escapade
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Double/triple Superior room

from 105

Standard room with bath

from 95

Standard room with shower

from 93

Family room with shower

from 128

  • Breakfast buffet a supplement of €14
  • Stop over from €93 to €99,50

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General sales condition

Our rooms are available from 15,30 and must be located before midday.

A reservation will considered as firm on receipt of written confirmation either by fax, e-mail or letter, before the option date  at on receipt of the deposit of 30% of the total amount of the estimate. The deposit can be paid by bank transfer cheque or credit card.


If made:

  • Less than 48hrs before the date of the beginning of the event: Invoicing at 100%
  • Between 48hrs and 8 days before the beginning of the event Invoicing at 75%
  • Between 8 days and 28 days before the beginning of the event: Invoicing at 50%
  • Over 28 days the deposit is not reimbursed

Means of payment:

Our final invoices are payable on the day of departure if not within 30 days of receipt of the bill.

The client will be liable to penalty equivalent to 3 times current bank rate interest by month  on any payment made after that date.

Invoicing and payment will be in Euros (€).

Any bank charges will be born by the client.

Guaranteed cover charge:

The number of meals served must be confirmed 72 hours before the evnt and this number will be used as the base for the invoice. If the cancellation date is less than 72 hours the meals ordered but not consumed will be invoiced at 50%.

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